Dear Doctors, Keep Writing. Love Klinify

Dear Doctors,
Keep Writing

Dear Doctors, Keep Writing. Love Klinify

Dear Doctors,
Keep Writing...

Just like paper—

When we designed Klinify, doctors said they love to write. So we didn’t change the system, we just made it better. With intuitive gestures, you can do what you used to do and more!

Flip It!
Draw it!
Zoom it!

Don’t just write—

Scribble. Draw. Illustrate.

The freedom of paper combined with the power of digital technology. You focus on interacting with patients, we'll take care of the rest.

  1. Install our app
  2. Upload your templates
  3. Start writing!
  4. Request Demo!

Enter the age of multimedia input.


We respect your workflow

We understand the science behind each folder

Personalize Klinify to feel just like your current case notes by categorizing, labelling and organizing your files. Switch to a birds-eye view to manage all your patients whenever you want. Try doing that with paper!

Get your records where you want them.


At the touch of a finger

Whether you are in your clinic or making your rounds, you have secure access to your patient records anytime, anywhere. No more faxing reports or losing track of patients.

Our Partners:

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'

—Leonardo da Vinci—
Try it!