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Testimonials from verified doctors who have been using our application!

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Great user interface. Great service. Affordable!
— Dr Lim, MK Prima Clinic, Kuala Lumpur
Innovative and far-sighted software developers.
Progressive updates and improvements.
Looking forward to more to come!
Good job!
— Dr Alison, Gomez Clinic, Kuala Lumpur
As the name implies, Klinify is greatly simple, precise and user friendly.
— Dr Luqman, Poliklinik Hakim, Kuala Lumpur
Easy to use, user friendly, very good support if we encounter any problems.
— Dr Muhammad 'Areffuddeen, Klinik Megah, Kuala Lumpur
It is a cloud based system that is very reliable.
Good support system too..
— Dr Mohamad Danial Mohamad Din, U.N.I Klinik Bukit Katil Melaka
Klinify is complete, but in a simple way.
— Dr Nurshuhada Abu Hassan, Klinik Eco Medik, Kuala Lumpur
Klinify is a software which is totally primary care oriented.

It is simple to use, nurse friendly and comprehensive. It has all the features which are required for a busy practice with the minimum of time required to keep the information up to date.

Once the patient has been registered, their sequence is generated in order that the practitioner is alerted to be ready for the patient.

Reason for encounter is established and clinical examination and investigations easily elicited and provisional diagnosis processed.
— Dr Mahendran Thuraiappah, Klinik Thurai, Kuala Lumpur
Klinify is very easy to use with everything under one roof. You can access the app anywhere and anytime.
— Dr Rosaidah, Klinik Warisan, Kuala Lumpur
Simple and zerodowntime!
— Dr Muhammad Faiz Abdul Rahman, Klinik NurCahaya, Kuala Lumpur
A very user-friendly, easy to use and efficient clinic management software.
It is one of the better systems in the market.
— Dr Narendar Singh, Klinik Pertama, Kuala Lumpur
An evergrowing platform with lots of room for improvement.

Generally a management system built for comform and easy reliability to healthcare professionals.

Keep up the great work!
— Dr Dinesh Varma, Klinik Suppayah, Tg Rambutan, Perak
Klinify sangat mudah untuk digunakan.Segala cadangan yang diberikan untuk memperbaiki sistem yang sedia ada, akan didengari oleh pihak Klinify.

Contoh yang terbaru, semua baki ubat/stock balance yang terkini dapat kita ketahui. Tahniah Klinify!
— Dr. Khairunnazren Bin Ismail, Nazren's Clinic, Sarawak

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