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Training Videos


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1. First time set-up

Learn how to set up initial configurations and get your Klinify app ready to use.

2. Register, queue & search patients

Learn how to register, queue and search patients in Klinify easily in this short video tutorial.

3. Consulting patients

Learn how you can use Klinify to fill in symptoms & diagnoses, as well as prescribe medications for your patients.

4. Billing Patients

Learn how you can bill patients with Klinify. In this short video tutorial, you will learn how to change the price, quantity, add and delete items and how to finalise the bill.


Learn how you can use your patient's MyKad to register or search for them in Klinify.

6. Patient Page

Explore the Patient page in this short video tutorial and learn how to edit patient's details, view allergies and consultation history, add vitals, upload or add a document to the patient's record, view or edit patient's billing history, add backdated bills, and customize the page.



7. Add, Edit & delete prescription items

Learn how you can add, edit and delete prescription items in Klinify.

8. Managing inventory in Klinify

Learn how to manage your inventory in Klinify.




9. Printing reports

Learn how you can print consult reports as well as supply added and transferred with Klinify.

10. Claims & Invoices

Learn all about claims and invoices and learn how Klinify can help manage your accounts.


Get a brief introduction to the settings page in this short tutorial video.

12. User Management

Learn how to change your password, add new users, set permission level for different type of users